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Privacy & Document Retention Policies

Privacy Policy:

Johnson & Moore, PA is committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of its clients and its clients’ information. To that end J&M strictly prohibits the disclosure of any client information to anyone except (a) for those persons who are authorized or required to receive such information in the necessary course of representation and only to the extent necessary to allow the recipient of the information to provide the service he/she is engaged to provide as part of our representation; or (b) to anyone at the direction of the
client whose information is being divulged and only to the extent authorized by said client.


In order to maintain the utmost confidentiality and privacy of our clients all employees of J&M shall:
a. maintain desks and files in a neat and orderly fashion and keep all client information in the client file and keep client files closed except when actively working on a file; and 

b. not remove client files or any information regarding clients or their files from the office; and
c. scan and shred all client information when said information is no longer needed in paper form; and
d. keep all files in the file room or filing cabinets except when actively working a file.

Electronic Filing, Email & Online Privacy Policy
a. J&M employees shall use J&M Computers for work purposes only and shall not visit any web sites except for Approved Websites (see list of approved websites posted in the office).
b. J&M employees shall maintain computer virus protection software as installed on the computer; shall ensure that the software is working when the computer is booted up; and
shall notify a supervisor immediately if the virus protection software is shown as offline or not current.
c. J&M employees shall refrain from sending personal emails through an email assigned by J&M for work purposes.
d. J&M employees shall not open email from unknown sources or emails from known sources with suspect attachments. If an employee receives an email that appears suspect the employee shall delete the email from his/her account or notify a supervisor about the email if he/she is unsure about the source or content of the email.
e. J&M employees shall not send confidential or personally protected information about clients through an email without having the email encrypted.
f. Social Media – J&M Employees shall not discuss any client or work-related matter through social media and shall refrain from discriminatory, disparaging or controversial remarks through social media outlets. Violation of the social media policy can result in immediate termination.

Document Retention Policy:


JOHNSON & MOORE, PA maintains electronic file database on a secure local server and also on Carbonite online backup system.  We scan and shred all paper files at the completion of each matter.  The shredding is done by a regional professional shredding company.  


Our individual client files on our server are stored for ten (10) years and then deleted from our system.


Title search files for specific properties are maintained on our system in perpetuity for future use.

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