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"Helping clients seamlessly transition to to a coastal lifestyle since 2003."





& Document Retention Policies


J&M provides more high-tech and convenient closing solutions to allow clients to experience an efficient, seamless closing process.

With standard services such as  e-recordings, paperless cash transactions, after hours attorney access, 10 point title summary and choose your own closing location, J&M is striving to be the  industry leader in innovative closing solutions.    


Because North Carolina is a "pure race" title state, the closing process in North Carolina is likely to differ greatly from what you may have experienced in other states.  Visit our Closing Process page for  step-by-step guide to the J&M closing process.



From home inspections to title searches and title insurance the various aspects of a real estate closing can be confusing.  Visit our Closing Information page for a detailed explanation of many of the questions and concerns that you may have about your property and your closing.



JOHNSON & MOORE, P.A. is a general practice law firm with a primary focus on real estate closings.  Since 2003, J&M has helped thousands of clients purchase residential and commercial real estate throughout Brunswick County.


"An informed client is a satisfied client" -  Through our website and innovative closing process, J&M is committed to providing clients with relevant and timely information about their closings.  J&M is also committed to providing more innovative and high-tech closing solutions to allow our clients to purchase property more efficiently and effectively.  


Our attorneys are licensed to practice in North Carolina and currently only provide services for matters in North Carolina.

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